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Faculty Resources

Library resources and services for faculty.

The purpose of the Libraries’ instruction program is to help students learn information literacy concepts and skills tied to the research process, as reflected in the ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.   Through instruction from faculty librarians students gain information literacy knowledge and critical thinking skills that help them succeed in their coursework at West Chester University, supporting the University’s academic mission.  Additionally, we hope that they will continue to be knowledgeable and critical information users beyond the college setting.  See the document below for a full description of the program's goals.

Schedule Library Instruction

WCU librarians can offer discipline and topic-specific introductions to library research to your classes. Although librarians provide instruction for many writing and speaking (WRT and SPK) courses, we encourage faculty from all disciplines to bring their classes for more specialized or advanced instruction in library resources and services.

Contact your subject coordinator librarian directly to schedule a class or book the classroom for a research day. You can view the library's instruction calendar  to see if the classroom is free during your desired dates/times. 

Library Instruction Classrooms

Library instruction is usually provided in (but not limited to) the library classroom in Room 309. This room is equipped with 30 networked computers, a projector, and printer.  We also have a second classroom, Room 409.  This room is equipped with a computer, smart board, and 30 laptops.  If you also plan a research day with your class, we strongly recommend that you schedule the classroom in Room 309 for use with your students. We encourage you to ask a librarian to participate in research days.

Classroom Use Policy

The following guidelines have been established for the use of Library classrooms 309 and 409:

  1. The intended use of rooms 309 and 409 is for library instruction, research sessions, and library events. 
  2. Faculty should contact the librarian for their department to schedule library instruction sessions and follow-up research sessions. 
  3. Faculty are strongly encouraged to have a librarian present at follow-up research sessions.  Reservations can only be made one week in advance for session without a librarian present during the first eight weeks of the semester, due to high demand for instruction.
  4. Room reservations for purposes other than library instruction or research sessions will be accepted on a case by case basis.  These bookings will not be accepted for the first eight weeks of the semester. Contact the library research help desk at ask@wcupa.libanswers.com or 610.436.2453 to schedule.
  5. Librarian or faculty member reserving the room is responsible for maintain security by not allowing students to be unattended.
  6. No student-sponsored events will be scheduled.
  7. No food or beverages permitted.
  8. In case of any disputed bookings, please contact the Associate University Librarian, Amy Ward, award@wcupa.edu, or the University Librarian, Trish Lenkowski, plenkowski@wcupa.edu, for approval at 610.436.2747.

Course Guides and Help Videos

In addition to classroom instruction, we can also create a course-specific research guide to lead your students to the best resources for their research topics.  These guides can be embedded into D2L, providing easy access for your students. Check out our Research Guides homepage to see examples of course guides. 

We have also been developing a collection of short videos on information literacy and research topics.  The videos cover a  range of topics from general (e.g. evaluating websites and using wikipedia) to how to navigate specific databases to using WCU Libraries' services (e.g. interlibrary loan).  Please see the Help Videos page for a listing and descriptions of the videos. 

If you want a research guide or videos for one or more courses, contact your subject coordinator.