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Take-a-Plant Leave-a-Plant

What is it?

Take-A-Plant Leave-A-Plant is a way for students to explore their green thumbs and expand their plant knowledge, right in the library! If you've never cared for a plant before or are looking to liven up your dorm or apartment, now is the time to come by and adopt some of our clippings from plants like succulents and pothos.

Photo of a hand holding up a small potted snake plant. The plant is tall and has many straight green strands growing out of the pot. There is a sticker on the front of the pot that says "Hello, my name is". The section for the name is blank.                 Ask about our free planters!

How does it work?

Take-A-Plant Leave-A-Plant is located across the Library Help Desk in the Francis Harvey Green Library and at the Help Desk in the Presser Library. Bring a clipping or a plant and swap it with one of ours. Our selection of plants is stocked regularly, so be sure to come back and take a look at what we have!


If you are a first time plant parent, please check out some of our online resources such as:

The new plant parent : develop your green thumb and care for your house-plant family by Darryl Cheng

For more information on how to care for the newest edition to your home garden!

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