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Women's and Gender Studies

A research guide for Women's and Gender Studies from West Chester University Libraries.

Scholarly Sources

Specialized Databases for Scholarly Journal Articles


Most of our books are academic books and thus also count as scholarly sources!  A few things that make books good sources:

  • Articles are almost always extremely specific in the topic they cover.  Books are more likely to address a topic more broadly.
  • Books are more likely to provide history and overview of a topic.
  • Remember you don't have to read the entire book!

Library Search

Library Search is the box on the library homepage that cross searches a ton of our databases.

  • Pros:  Will bring back sources on almost any topic
  • Cons:   A lot of them will be popular, rather than scholarly.  A lot of the scholarly sources will be from other disciplines, which may use very different approaches and theories from what you are learning in WOS 225.


  • Remember to limit to scholarly articles in the column on the left.
  • When in doubt if something is an appropriate source, check with your professor!

Popular Sources

Here are some databases that are strong in either news articles or streaming documentary content.

Getting Help

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