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Women's and Gender Studies

A research guide for Women's and Gender Studies from West Chester University Libraries.

Core database for women's and gender studies

Starting with the Gender Studies Database can help you to ground your research in secondary sources written from a women's and gender studies disciplinary perspective.

Interdisciplinary databases

A large portion of women's and gender studies is interdisciplinary in nature.  Once you have searched in the Gender Studies database, pick at least one of the databases listed (or go to our full list of databases) to continue your research.







Library Search tool

The Library Search tool (search box on library homepage) cross-searches many databases.  It is especially useful in the following situations.

1) Your research topic is very interdisciplinary and you would want research from multiple disciplines.

2) You have searched in a couple of other databases and still don't have enough sources.

3) Your research topic is related to popular culture-- tv, film, music, video games, food, sports, etc.

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