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Welcome to PIPRR


If your research project requires the use of primary sources, PIPRR is a great place to begin. The site includes dozens of potential research topics, guiding questions to consider as you begin your research, tips on where to search for primary sources, and examples of primary sources from WCU’s own collections.

PIPRR can be practical at various stages of the research process. Whether you have no idea what topic to research, or you are hoping to discover primary sources to inform a subject you are already passionate about, PIPRR can help.

PIPRR features items from the University Libraries Special Collections and online databases. To learn more about items or discuss how they can support your research project, contact Ron McColl, the Special Collections Librarian, at or 610-436-3456.

PIPRR is also your invitation to visit Special Collections where you can personally examine many of the site’s rare, and often one-of-a-kind, items.

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