PHI 501

A guide to core research resources and approaches for philosophy grad students

Bibliography mining

There are a couple of different approaches to trying to find the full-text of articles or books from citations you find in bibliographies. 

A.  Library Search

Type the title or other info from the citation into the library search tool.  This approach allows you to check in one place for both articles and books.

B.  Google Scholar

You can set up google scholar (see video below) to talk to the WCU Libraries to make finding full text of articles easy.  But it doesn't work for books, so those still need to be checked through Library Search or the catalog. 

But, Google Scholar will alllow you to do Citation Indexing at the same time as tracing sources.


Google Scholar Search

Setting up Google Scholar to talk with WCU Libraries

Citation Indexing

While bibliography tracing always takes you further back in time, citation indexing lets you go forward in time by seeing who has cited an article after it was published. Google scholar is a clear best bet for citation indexing in any humanities field, as it pulls from both journal articles and books.