How Do I...?

How Do I Print?

Every student receives 125 print pages per week. Your prints go to the Ramprint Cloud and stay there for 24 hours until you release them at a printer. You can release your prints at any printer on campus by swiping your RamCard or typing in your academic log-in (at select printers). The library has printers located near the computers on the second floor and in the IMC on the first floor.

Does the Library Have Color Printing?

Yes! Color printing is located on the first floor in the Instructional Media Center.


Can I Print From My Laptop?

Yes! You can print from your Windows or Mac laptop but will need to install RamPrint through your Google account. 

Follow these instructions or meet with Alex Miriello, Library Computer Technician.

Does the Library Have Scanners?

Yes! The library has two scanners that are free for students to use. 

Scanners can be used to email, fax, or save a document to your USB.

Scanner Locations:

  • First Floor, Innovation Media Center (IMC)
  • Second Floor, QVC Commons