Posters & Fliers

University Libraries complies with the West Chester University’s Advertising Policy and recognizes “advertisements” as posters/fliers from West Chester University Colleges and Departments, Faculty, Students, and West Chester University Student Organizations. 

The University Libraries requirements include:

  • Posters & Fliers relating to West Chester University educational and cultural mission will be approved.
  • Approval must be obtained from Library Administration, room 236.
  • Posters & Fliers size should be 11x17 inches or smaller (space is limited).
  • Time frame for posting will be no more than three (3) weeks unless there is a date of event available.
  • Posters/fliers will only by hung on designated bulletin boards locations.  Posters/fliers found on doors, walls, tables, bathroom stalls, trash cans, etc., will be removed.