Donations Policy

(excerpted from West Chester University Library Services Collection Development Policy, 2010)

West Chester University Libraries welcomes gifts of library materials—especially materials that fill existing gaps in the collection and support the curriculum. Librarians examine gift materials for possible addition to the collection using the same standards and policies that apply to purchases. While gifts to WCU libraries are appreciated, upon donation these items become library property and the Libraries reserve the right to retain or dispose of these items as librarians deem appropriate.

Procedures for the acceptance of gifts and donations

If items are in poor condition or have dated information, they will be recycled.   If items are in acceptable condition but not retained by the Libraries, they will be sent to vendors who specialize in used materials such as Better World Books (BWB), Amerifolio and others.  These companies accept materials provided the items are not dirty, moldy, damaged or otherwise unsuitable for use or resale including textbooks published during the last ten years.

Information for donors

Donations cannot be dropped at the library without previous arrangements.  Library Services does not have staff available to pick up donations.  Donors should follow the steps below to set up a delivery time:

  • Estimate the number of items to be donated.
  • Contact the Library to make arrangements:
    1. Serials Department (phone 610-436-2624); if no answer,
    2. Library Administration (phone 610-436-2747), 
    3. Presser Music Library for music-related library gifts (phone 610-436-2430).
  • Deliver materials: Library Services does not have staff available to pick up or move books.
    • If you are on campus and have a large number of boxes, contact Campus Moving Services at x2512 and make arrangements for them to bring materials to the library.
    • If you are off campus, please call the Library Administration Office at 610-436-2747 to discuss donation arrangements.


Gifts become the property of the Friends of the West Chester University Libraries.

Gift Receipt Policy

  • Tax regulations prohibit the recipient of a gift from determining the value of the gift.
  • Written gift receipts will be provided upon donor request but Library Services cannot provide an appraisal of value.
    • The donor copy (yellow) will acknowledge but will not evaluate the gift for tax or other purposes. 
    • The office copy (white) will remain on file in the Library Administration Office.

Financial Donations

Inquiries about financial donations for book purchases or other gifts to Library Services should be directed to Library Administration (phone 610-436-2747).