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Student Library Assistant Resources: How-to

This is a guide for Student Assistants working in the WCU Libraries

Using WCU Libraries

InterLibrary Loan

Locating the full text of articles

Access to databases and content

Navigating the Library

More How-to information for library tasks

Shelf Reading is an important duty that keeps the library functioning smoothly.

Opening and Closing

Opening – this looks like a lot but usually only takes about 5-15 minutes  

  • Turn on lights  

  • Start help desk computers 

  • Replace closed sign with service bell and “ring bell” sign 

  • Unlock 110 and turn on lights (leave door open, it locks automatically) 

  • Turn on lights in 112 and Grab key for DVD safety case opener (blue key ring) on wall next to office (RM113)   

  • Unlock DVD safety case opener and return key to room 112 

  • Unlock study rooms if needed and check for lost items, trash, damage, etc.  

  • Make sure Ramcast station monitors are off 

  • Get DVD display from storage room (across from stairwell) and place in front of elevators 

  • Do a quick check of main area  

  • Check printer for problems and fill paper trays if needed 

  • Look for lost items, damage, trash, etc. 

  • Make sure all table outlets, charging station and the Anatomage table are plugged in 

  • Make sure lights in die cut area are on 

  • Check calendar to see if any events are happening in IMC or Juve room that need signage & set up signage if needed 


Closing - the IMC Help desk area cannot be completely closed off so we try to make it as secure as possible 

  • Put DVD display rack in storage room 

  • Lock DVD safety case opener (key on wall in 112 near light switch w/ blue key ring) 

  • Take any returned DVDs to shelving cart in 112, and any equipment and/or liability forms to 110 

  • Turn off lights in 112 and 110, close door to 110, it locks automatically 

  • Replace service bell and “ring bell” sign with closed sign 

  • Shut down computers at help desk 

  • Turn off lights and make sure stanchion rope is in place (from wall outside 111 to side of desk) 

  • Take any lost and found items to main Library Help Desk 

West Chester University   ---    WCU Libraries  25 West Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383  610-430-4400