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Student Library Assistant Resources: Library information

This is a guide for Student Assistants working in the WCU Libraries

Libraries Mission Statement

West Chester University Libraries provides the best possible support for West Chester University’s mission of educational excellence by offering the highest quality collections, services, and facilities for learning, teaching, and research.

Library Hours During the Semester

  • Monday 7am-2am
  • Tuesday 7am-2am
  • Wedndesday 7am-2am
  • Thursday 7am-2am
  • Friday 7am-6pm
  • Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 12pm-2am

Detailed Hours with Holidays & Exceptions

Library Help Desk

The Library Help Desk is one of the most important locations in the library.  It is here that librarians are staffed to answer questions regarding finding sources, how to begin research, what materials the library has to offer, and other in-depth questions regarding the locating and analyzing of information.  During the school year the Help Desk is staffed from 8:30am-10pm, as well as varying hours on Saturday and Sunday.  If a student ever comes to the desk with a detailed question regarding types of sources or how to begin research, please either notify a technician or refer the student to the Help Desk.  As you work in the IMC you will understand what types of questions count as reference questions and what types of questions you as a student worker can answer.  The Help Desk is located in the middle of the library's 2nd floor, in between the Circulation Desk and QVC area.

Francis Harvey Green Library

Departments/Important Places in the Library

Listed below are different departments/areas of the library that you will get questions about.  Do your best to know where these locations are, and what they offer in terms of services or materials.



Circulation Desk

This is located on the second floor by the main entrance to the library.  At this desk patrons can check out library materials, pick-up interlibrary loan requests, and look at reserve materials.  This is also where patrons pay fines for late returns of all library items.  The Circulation Desk is open when the library opens and is closed 15 minutes before the library closes.



Government Documents

This department is located on the west end of the second floor of the library.  Documents made by the Government Printing Office (GPO) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are stored here.Their department specific webpage can be found here.




Serials Department

All of the libraries serials (journal subscriptions) are located on the first floor of the library in-between the IMC and Starbucks.  Newer serials are located in the first few stacks closer to the IMC, and old issues are arranged alphabetically and fill the rest of the first floor of the library.  The Serials office is located in the same area.  Due to our close proximity to the serials we will often get questions regarding them, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layout of the department.



Writing Center

This office is located on the second floor of the library, near the QVC Information Commons and Government Documents.  The easiest directions to give someone from the IMC desk is to direct them to the stairwell by Starbucks and have them go up one floor.  Upon exiting the stairwell the office is to the right.  The Writing Center offers "free writing tutoring, workshops, and resources to the entire university community."   By appointment or drop-in.  The office's webpage can be found here.




QVC Information Commons

The commons consist of two parts. First there are several banks of computers connected to a printer that can single or double side print.These are only available to be used by WCU students, staff and faculty. Also available in this area is a scanning station as well as two computers set aside for members of the public to access the internet or WCU resources. One of these stations is adjustable for patrons with disabilities. Secondly there is a group presentation room within the commons. This room offers the ability for laptops to connect to a large screen mounted on the wall above each station so groups can collaborate on projects and presentations. The QVC Information Commons is located on the second floor (same level as the main entrance). Upon entering the library turn right  is located on the right just before the Government Documents area.



Special Collections

The Special Collections department is located on the sixth floor of the library, and contains rare materials that document West Chester Universities' past as well as the past of many events and people of Pennsylvania and beyond.  The items in this department do not circulate, and it is open either Wednesday nights 6pm-9pm or by appointment.  The department's webpage can be found here.




Faye A. Collicott Childen's Room

The children's room is the library's collection of juvenile books.  Both fiction and non-fiction books are in the room, which is located on the first floor of the library in-between the IMC and Serials department.  We can circulate juvenile books at the IMC, and we get a lot of questions regarding the room and the collection, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with them.

Quick Facts About the Library

Here are some important general facts about the library:

Quiet Floors: 4, 5, 6, and the bibliographic section on floor 2

Number of Print resources in library: 759,000

DVD, Video and Film resources: 10,000

Journal Subscriptions: 7000

Full-time Staff: 40

Seats Available: 1320


Starbucks is located on the first floor of the library, and acts as a second entrance to the library.  If Starbucks is closed that entrance/exit is also closed, so patrons will have to be advised accordingly to exit the building.  Below is the link to the West Chester webpage of Starbucks, and includes their manager's information as well as operating hours.

Starbucks hours while classes are in session during the Fall & Spring Semesters:

Monday 7:30am-10pm
Tuesday 7:30am-10pm
Wednesday 7:30am-10pm
Thursday 7:30am-10pm
Friday 7:30am-4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 2pm-10pm

Library Floor Maps

Maps of the library

West Chester University   ---    WCU Libraries  25 West Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383  610-430-4400