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Old Caln Historical Society Collection

Access to Physical Materials

Materials in the Old Caln Historical Society Collection are privately owned by the Caln Historical Society. Access is limited to the digital surrogates available through this collection.  West Chester University does not own the physical materials in this collection. To access the collection please contact the society.

Rights Statement

Digital images in the Old Caln Historical Society Collection are issued by the Old Caln Historical Society. Images are provided for non-commercial, educational, and personal use only, and are not intended for reproduction or redistribution. For the above purposes the user may reproduce these materials (by download, printing, etc.) without further permission, on the condition that proper attribution of the source for all copies is provided by clearly acknowledging the name of the collection, the title of the web page or resource and the URL at which it was located, please credit as follows: Old Caln Historical Society Collection, Old Caln Historical Society, Thorndale, Pennsylvania. For questions regarding use of digital materials contact the Old Caln Historical Society at P.O. Box 72428, Thorndale, PA 19372. Old Caln Historical Society assumes no responsibility for direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental infringement of copyright by content users.

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