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Yearbook Info

The West Chester State Normal School published the first yearbook, The Pathfinder, in 1910.  In 1911, the name of the publication changed to The Serpentine, which has remained the title of the annual publication into the present day. 

All issues of the yearbook until 2008 are available in a digitized format on Internet Archive.  Choose the decade you are interested in from the dropdown menu, then choose the date or dates that interest you.  You can then choose to look through or search the yearbook online or download a PDF of the Yearbook.  Unfortunately, searching across yearbooks is not available in Internet Archive.

FHG Library also holds physical copies of all issues.  They are available in Special Collections.

Using Digital Files

To access yearbooks:

  1. Click on the desired issue/year.  You will then be taken to the main page for the individual issue on the Internet Archive, which is hosting the digitized yearbooks. 
  2. To read the yearbooks, click on one of the options in the "View the Book" box in the top left-hand corner.  The "Read Online" and "PDF" links are recommended.  
  • The Read Online format opens fastest and is easiest to search.
  • The PDF format is also searchable, and is ideal for downloading or saving the yearbook.

Open the document below for instructions on saving and manipulating yearbook images.

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