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Email your Subject Librarian and ask about options for acquiring the film or submit a request through Course Reserves. Please note, films that are available through commercial platforms such as Netflix and Hulu may not always be available for institutional purchase, your subject librarian can confirm and recommend alternative titles.
Subject librarians tend to acquire films that satisfy course/curriculum needs. If you would like to recommend a film for the library, use the Suggest a Purchase form or email your subject librarian. The library also has a wide range of DVDs, check the Library Catalog. Need a DVD player? DVD players can be borrowed from the Innovation Media Center-IMC
When you created your account with Netflix, you agreed to an end-user licence agreement (EULA) which defines the terms of use. Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Apple+ would like you to stream video content only for personal, non-commercial use. They often do not grant rights for educational or institutional use though the doctrine of fair use does allow for small portions of a video to be used for teaching purposes. Netflix does offer educational screenings of some of its documentaries- See this Netflix page covering details for educational screening of documentaries.
Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act codified in part in 17 U.S.C. § 1201 it is " unlawful to circumvent technological measures used to prevent unauthorized access to copyright works, including copyrighted books, movies, video games, and computer software." The library is unable to convert media that is covered under a technological protection measure.
There are a number of variables that can influence your viewing experience. Check your WiFi speeds, is your router overwhelmed with the amount of devices trying to use it at the same time? What is the age of your computer or device being use to stream the video? See the troubleshooting section below for additional guidance.


Recommended Steps

  1. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and is not overloaded with too many devices accessing the router at the same time
  2. Try a different browser
  3. Clear your browser's cache/cookies or use incognito option
  4. Enable flash
  5. Try logging in through the library homepage
  6. Use the 'Report a Problem' link 
    1. Login
    2. Click on the resource title within the search results
    3. Scroll down to the Links section

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