Video and Media Resources

Learn more about DVDs, streaming video, and streaming music at the library

Accessibility within the Library

University Libraries are committed to providing all students, faculty, staff, and visitors access to our spaces, materials, services and programs.

See our Libraries' accessibility policy and contact us with questions about library-related accessibility needs

The library strives to ensure all students, faculty, and staff can easily access our resources. Each media platform has their own accessibility guidelines, see some examples here:


Platform Name Accessibility Statement & Support
Academic Video Online (AVON) Alexander Street Video Platform Accessibility Statement (
Films on Demand Accessibility Statement for Films On Demand – Films On Demand (
Kanopy Accessibility | Kanopy
Swank Accessibility (
Naxos Music Library Naxos Accessibility Statement

Resources for Instructors

If you're an instructor, be mindful of your students accessibility needs, follow these useful guides for selecting or creating accessible media:

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