Course Reserves at University Libraries


F.H. Green Library Reserves
Location: 2nd Floor (room 228), F.H. Green Library

Annette Hamilton
Interlibrary Loan and Course Reserves Technician

Deirdre Childs
Access Services Manager

Presser Music Library

Location: Swope Music Building,121

Hunter King
Music Library Supervisor

Getting Started

  • Request new course reserves content via D2L.
  • Be sure if you are using electronic items that you activate your D2L course so that students can access it! 
  • Please submit your requests as soon as possible to allow processing time and ensure items are available in time for your class to use them.
  • The Library’s copyright policy guides our decisions as to what scanned documents or streamed media can be posted as course reserves. 

Placing Course Reserve Requests in D2L

  • Log in to your D2L account using your university log-in.
  • Select the Course you wish to add materials to.
  • Select Resources in the menu and Course Reserves from the drop down.

  • If it is your first time accessing a course, you'll need to choose the correct semester from the dropdown menu.

  • You can now submit and manage your course reserve items.  Select Add Reserve Items from the left hand menu.

Add Reserve Items


Electronic Reserves

These are items your students will be able to access directly through D2L - they'll be taken directly to your course's page in the course reserve management system when they click on Library > Course Reserve from within the class. Electronic reserve material can be accessed and read online from this page.

Electronic reserves can include:

  • WCU licensed electronic resources, such as articles and ebooks. 
    For copyright reasons, links are preferred over uploaded documents like .pdfs. ‚Äč
  • Resources freely available on the web (if you want to have all readings listed through reserves instead of having some reading in reserves and some in Content).
    For copyright reasons, links are preferred over uploaded documents like .pdfs.
  • Print material, such as books, journals, or photocopies, that library staff will scan.

When submitting material to be scanned, please keep in mind that:

  • Library staff will only scan from sources that are owned by the Libraries or by faculty. Scanned copies of the title and copyright pages from all sources are included with each scan. 
  • Library staff are limited to scanning material per the library’s copyright guidelines.
  • Items received via Interlibrary Loan cannot be reproduced unless special permissions are obtained.

We recommend that faculty consider using licensed electronic resources available through the library’s collection when possible.


We are committed to providing equal access and opportunity to everyone. When submitting material to be scanned for course reserves, the following should be considered:

  • Condition: The original copy should be clean without marks such as handwriting, highlighting, or discoloration form photocopying.
  • OCR: . When possible, we will link to materials in our databases that are already accessible. If you submit material for us to scan, we will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the PDF and convert it from an image to machine-encoded text.

If you choose to upload your own materials directly to course reserves, you are responsible for OCR. University Libraries have ScannX scanners available for you to use with OCR technology for creating PDFs.  For more information on creating accessible materials, see the resources available from Information Services and Technology. If you have a student that needs further assistance, please refer them to the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD).

Physical Reserves

These are items your students will be able to see on your course's page in the course reserve management system when they click on Library > Course Reserve from within the class in D2L. However, to access them, students will have to come view them in person at the WCU Libraries.

You can make full books available to your students at the Library Reserve Desk.  If the WCU Libraries do not own a copy, you can supply a personal copy for the semester if one is available. 

Making Items Available from Previous Semesters

If you are using items from a course taught before Fall 2016, please email Course Reserves (

If you would like to copy items from one section to another in the same semester, or copy items from a previously taught course that had reserves set up in Ares into a current one you can use the instructions in this tutorial. If you have any questions, please email

Other Features in Course Reserves in D2L

  • Editing and Deleting ItemsOnce submitted, instructors can still edit some information for the item or remove it. 
  • Item Active DatesInstructors can set the dates for which items are available to students.  This can be helpful for professors who may choose to upload take-home exam answers for instance. 
  • Item Tags: An instructor can "tag" any reserve item to help students sort material.  Some examples could be weeks, topics, assignments, etc.  Instructors can tag reserve items while filling out their initial request or later on by clicking on an item from their course list. Both instructors and students can also make their own personal tags on items which cannot be seen by anyone else.
  • Processing Status: Instructors can track the status of their reserve requests within D2L.  The status of each item will display in their course reserve list.
  • Email Alerts: Both instructors and students can register for email notices.  An email will be sent to instructors anytime an item is updated by you, your TA’s, or Library reserves staff.  Students can receive emails to be alerted when new items are available.  
  • Student View: If instructors would like to review how students will see their course reserves, select “Switch to Student Mode” in the Library Course Reserves menu.  Please note that students will only see course reserve items that are available.
  • Reserve Item Usage: Instructors can see the number of times each reserve item is accessed by selecting the “Reserve Item Usage” option.