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Bicycle Lending Library

Bike Safety

A Bicycling Street Smarts CyclingSavvy Booklet will be distributed with every bike borrowed from the Bicycle Lending Library. This booklet outlines best practices for riding confidently, legally, and safely.

The following are ways to reduce some risks while cycling:

  • Risks from weather conditions can be reduced, but not eliminated, by seeking the appropriate shelter when inclement weather approaches.
  • The use of a bicycle in weather conditions where snow or ice is present are inherently dangerous. Whenever the air temperature is near 32 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing conditions may exist on the ground that cause a rider to lose control of the bicycle. No bicycle should be used in freezing, snowy, or icy conditions.
  • Risks of harm from cardiovascular can be reduced, but not eliminated, by proper conditioning and by recognizing the signs of fatigue and cardiovascular stress, as well as by having regular physical examinations by a medical professional.
  • Dehydration risks can be reduced, but not eliminated, by drinking appropriate amount of water and consuming electrolytes while riding a bicycle.
  • Risks from heat or cold exposure can be reduced, but not eliminated, by dressing appropriately for conditions and taking shelter when needed.
  • Risks of sun exposure, including sun burn, can be reduced, but not eliminated, by taking the necessary precautions from the sun.

Bike loss prevention

When it comes to preventing bicycle theft, remember to give it your ALL!

    Activity                                   Location                                      Lock

Text stating: Park in well-lit, populated areas. If possible, bring in at night.                   Text stating: Lock bikes on back racks, never poles or posts! They are not as secure.                           Text stating: make sure the lock is around the frame, wheel, and rack.