Printing and Technology


  • In order to connect to RamNet-Guest you will need a cell phone.
  • Choose "RamNet-Guest" from the list of available networks.
  • After connecting try to open a webpage. For example
  • You should be presented with a page that looks like this

  • Click the link after "Need an account?"
  • You will need to enter:

Your first and last name

Your cell phone number (you should have it with you because your password will be sent in a text message)

Your cell phone carrier

Your email address

  • Click the "I Accept" box and then the "Register" button.
  • Within a few minutes you should receive a text message containing your RamNet-Guest password.
  • Use this password and the email address you provided earlier to log into RamNet-Guest.
  • Your RamNet-Guest login will be good for 24 hours.