Printing and Technology


Laptops are available to borrow from the Library Help Desk near the main entrance on the 2nd floor.

  • Laptops circulate for 7 days at a time with a charger and laptop sleeve
  • Laptops are loaned out on a first come first served basis, they cannot be reserved.
  • Remember to log in with your WCU email and password to setup your account before leaving campus

Other computer resources on campus

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are available for students to use On the 2nd floor, 1st floor near the IMC, and on the 3rd floor. Remember to save your work to the cloud!

Laptop and Equipment Loaner Program Policy

The purpose of the Laptop and Equipment Loaner Program is to support and enhance student success. 

If you are having trouble returning equipment or need to report loss or damage, contact us for assistance:, 610-436-2946

Terms of Use

  • You must be an active WCU student with a valid ID 
  • Laptops and equipment must be returned by the end of the day it is due. Failure to return loaner equipment by the due date will result in the following: 
    • Two days past the due date: loss of borrowing privileges for all library material and equipment, replacement fee for lost equipment applied to your library account (fee waived upon return) 
    • Seven days past the due date: Library Hold placed on your University account.  
    • One month past the due date: incident reported to the Office of Student Conduct for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct for theft of University Property 
  • Repeated instances of returning laptops beyond the due date will result in the loss of the ability to borrow library laptops.
  • Renewals are not guaranteed and must be done in person before or on the due date.  
  • Notifications reminding you to return your borrowed items will be sent to your WCU email. 
  • Report any problems or damage immediately. You are financially responsible for the full replacement cost of any laptop or equipment and peripherals if lost, damaged, or stolen. Costs associated with damaged or lost items include:  
    • $20 for bag or case 
    • $50 for peripherals 
    • $200 for in-house repairs 
  • Market cost of item if lost or not repairable 
  • Remember: 
    • Save your work to your OneDrive. Work saved to the hard drive will be automatically erased when it shuts down, logged off, restarted, or loses power. 
    • You must log on to the laptop prior to leaving campus.
Item Loan Period
Library Help Desk Laptops 7 Day Loan
Presser Laptops 7 Day Loan