Grace Liu

Grace Liu

Associate Professor; Business Librarian

Subject areas include accounting, economics, finance,
management, and marketing.

Phone: 610-436-2917


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Grace Liu is an Associate Professor and Business Librarian at FHG Library. Before she joined West Chester University, she worked as a Business Librarian at the University of Maine for five years. Her research interest focuses on information literacy, data literacy, and leveraging the knowledge of business librarianship to advance the value of libraries for student success. In recent years, she conducted research and initiated grant projects on diverse topics including a rapid systematic review of ideas for college student retention, engaging students in an evidence-based decision-making process to establish a student-led peer-mentoring program for the College of Business and Public Management, developing a roadmap for libraries to engage in campus effort in closing equity and achievement gaps, enhancing students' information literacy for career preparation, student entrepreneurial intentions, and raising awareness of academic librarians in data quality issues.


Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Maine, 2019
Master of Science in Library and Information Science (MSLIS), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
LLM in Civil and Business Law, Law School, Ningbo University, 2008
LLB, School of Law, Harbin Engineering University, 2003

Recent Publications

Liu, G. (forthcoming). Introducing a 4-step Strategy for Evaluating Online Sources. College & Research Libraries News.

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