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Distance Students

WCU Books for Distance Students

As a distance student, you can request books you find at WCU using the search box on the library's homepage.

For books WCU doesn't own, you can borrow a copy using E-Zborrow. For your pickup location, choose Main Circulation Desk.

When we receive your book,we'll email you, asking:

If you are a verified Distance Education student who does not come to the WCU main campus, please contact us so that we may ship your items to your home address.

You can choose one of three options for delivery:

  1. Mailed to your current address
    • Books will be mailed via UPS to you free of charge.
    • To return the book, use the enclosed UPS return label to send the book back to us (free of charge). Please drop the packaged book(s) off at a UPS box or store. If you call for UPS pick-up from your home, you will be charged.
  2. Sent to the Philadelphia Center.
    • See Marcie Cohen to pick up your book.
    • Return your books to Marcie Cohen
  3. Pick it up at WCU Main Campus.
    • No need to contact us at this point - just stop by the library and pick up your book!
    • You'll need to return the book to WCU Main Campus as well.

Books are checked out for 5 weeks (starting when the book is mailed).

To renew books, call 610-436-2380 or email illoan@wcupa.edu.


Finding eBooks

  1. Enter either the title of the book or your keywords in the search box on the WCU libraries homepage.
  2. On the new page listing your search results, look on the left. You should see SourceType - choose Books under that heading.
  3. Now everything that appears on the page is a book. To restrict it to just ebooks, look at the list on the left and choose Full Text Online under Show Only.
  4. Now everything that appears on the page is a book.
  5. To open an ebook, click on the Online Access link.‚Äč
  6. In the box that opens, look for the link to the full text near the top, in the box with the yellow banner. In some cases, there will be more than one link.
  7. You will be asked to log in with your WCU email address and password before you can use the ebook.
For more information about ebooks at WCU, see our ebook guide.


In a Hurry?

If you can't wait the 5 days or so for a book to arrive via UPS, try these alternate solutions:

  • Request a book chapter instead of the whole book.

    If one chapter looks particularly promising, requesting just that chapter is faster since the chapter will be scanned and sent to you. Chapters are sometimes listed in the book's catalog record, or on Amazon or Google Books.

  • Check if your local public library has a copy of the book.

    If your book is not a textbook, and is more focused on a broad public audience instead of experts, the public library is more likely to have it.