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Printing and Technology


Swipe your WCU ID


All pending print jobs will be shown

Select "Print All" to print everything. Or tap on a job to print just that item.

Make sure to press "Log Off" when you are done.

Accessing Scan and Copy

  • Swipe your ID or login as if you were printing.

  • Click the "Use Device Functions" button in the middle of the screen.

  • After you see "Device Access Approved' and your login information, select Copy or Scanner at the top of the screen.


  • After selecting Scanner, the screen will look like this.
  • Tap on Specify destination(s)

  • Select Enter Using Keyboard.
  • Type in the email address you would like to send the document to. The email must end in @wcupa.edu
  • Press done on the keyboard.

  • Load your document face up in the document feeder. 
  • Press the green start button on the bottom right.
  • After the document is finished scanning, press logout on the top right.