Industry and Market

Market Research, Consumer Behavior and Purchase Decisions

To efficiently search Mintel, change all content types to Reports and change the view to List view. It shows all the reports we subscribe and have access to. Then narrow the results by category, trend driver or demographics or by search. Select and download full report. Infographics or slides can be used for presentation.

Consumer Segmentation and Lifestyle Analysis

ArcGIS Online

Sign in with your ArcGIS organization's URL: Wcupagis--> West Chester University

Go to the nine-dotted box on the banner and choose Business Analyst Module for Business/Market Analysis

ESRI Tapestry Segmentation
Example Segments for:

Local Demographics and Consumer Spending

Search by industry keyword or NAICS code. Create a report for local business profile, which include:

  • Potential Customers
  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Business Summary
  • Consumer Expenditure
  • Social Economic Characteristics
  • Housing Characteristics

Narrative Profiles are short, analytic reports derived from the ACS 5-year estimates. Each Narrative Profile covers 15 different topic areas and provides text and bar charts to display highlights of selected social, economic, housing and demographic estimates for a selected geographic area.

Online geographical information database with data on housing, education, mortgage originations, jobs and more. Create custom maps, tables, and reports.
Also, at the upper right corner of the page, click Reports, then use the location zip code to create a report.

Consumer Behavior Survey Data, Statistics and Reports

Statista includes charts and graphs for industry and market data. You can also find industry reports and consumer reports.
Here is the eligibility and how to get a library card. Check out the Statista tutorials.

Google Search Tips

When conduct Google web searches, you are encouraged to use advanced Google search options. For example, limit site or domain to .org can retrieve more content from trade associations; use filetype: pdf can retrieve more in-depth report; and use terms appearing “in the title” can increase the relevance of the search results.

APA Style Examples

Mintel Report

In-text Citation

Example 1: “Gen Z consumers may have fewer financial obligations, but they are not making enough money to spend on costly treats like travel(Boesel, 2020, p. 39).

Example 2: According to Boesel (2020), “Gen Z consumers may have fewer financial obligations, but they are not making enough money to spend on costly treats like travel.”

Example 3: According to the Mintel Report on Marketing to Gen Z, most of the teens and Gen Z adults consider owning a home as a personal success (Boesel, 2020).

Boesel, K.  (2020). Marketing to Gen Z. Retrieved from Mintel Academic Database.

Pew Research Center Report

In-text Citation

According to the Pew Research Center Survey of Social Media Use in 2018, “a majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are especially heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram” (Smith & Anderson, 2018).


Smith, A. & Anderson, M. (2018, March 1). Social Media Use in 2018. Pew Research Center.

More APA style guide at Purdue OWL

US Census Bureau - North American Industry Classification System

Either search the 2017 NAICS code or browse the table of contents to find the NAICS code. The NAICS code can help you identify specific industries of your company.

Industry Reports, Key Successful Indicator, Financial Ratios and Benchmarks

To find First Research Industry Profile, conduct Keyword searches at the public website of First Research Industry Profile, and retrieve the NAICS industry code of the report. Navigate Mergent Archive->D&B Manuals--> First Research, and copy/paste the NAICS code from the website.

Industry Research, Market Size, Five Forces

Scroll down the search page->fill NAICS/Industry Code->  change Publication Type to Industry Profile-> Search. On the left column of the screen, select publisher -> MarketLine or Barnes.

  • Barnes reports - number of establishments/firms, revenue.
  • MarketLine reports - five forces analysis.

Industry Competitors

Data for company and industry research, both historical and current. Includes data on global publicly-traded companies, as well as domestic and international private companies (Mergent, Inc.) 

You can search a public company and find its competitors from the company's page or you can use NAICS code to find companies in the same industry.

You can also search D&B private companies and check its competitors from the company profile.

Business Directories and Contacts; Local Competitor/Consumer Identification

Contains detailed information on over 14 million U.S. companies. Great for entrepreneurs, sales people, and job seekers. Watch this short video to learn more.

Generate insightful business intelligence with this collection of international private and public business data, industry news, and executive contact information. Watch this video to learn more.

Create an account from the Free Library of Philadelphia and access the database online for free.

Other Market/Marketing Sources

Other Industry Sources

Resources for Canadian businesses. Create a report to view financial performance data by industry. Financial Performance Data provides access to more than 1000 industries across Canada, including more than 30 performance benchmarks to help small businesses determine how they measure up to their competitors.

Identify national trade associations by category and search industry news, trends, market intelligence from the trade associations' websites or publications.

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