PSC 401: Senior Project

Getting Started

Welcome to your senior project in political science! Follow these guidelines to understand your topic and gather good resources.

  • This guide is broken up by the type of project you choose. The approach for researching each project will be different.
  • Define your topic and gather background information. What you find here will help you with locating magazine and journal articles.
  • Make a list of keywords and topics from the background information. Use this to locate magazine and journal articles.
    • When creating a list of keywords, remember to look for words that are similar to history like: inequity, inequality, disparity, etc.
  • You may have to think outside the box in terms of where to look for information. Sometimes searching Google first to see how your topic is being talked about in natural language helps.
  • Email citations and articles as you go!
  • Create an EndNote account!



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