PSC 401: Senior Project

Issue Brief and Awareness Raising Event

What is an Issue Brief and Awareness Raising Event?

This project will require you to invest time to organize and carry out an event that raises awareness about a social or political problem.


What Kinds of Sources Do I Need?

Yes, credible, reputable sources will help you for this project too! They will give you context and background information for your social or political problem as well as provide you with ideas for carrying our your event effectively. Scholarly articles will identify causes or social and political factors surrounding the social problem and current news articles will identify current problems and possible solutions.

Library Search is is an excellent place to start your research for broad topics that cover many subject areas. Library Search has books/ebooks, magazine and newspaper articles, reference articles, scholarly research articles and even streaming content. Remember to use the limits in to narrow down by resource, date, and more.


Depending on the subject area of your topic, you can also search directly in a subject specific database. 
See full list of subject databases here:

Possible Subject Databases:

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