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Dance: Finding reviews

A Research Guide for Dance from West Chester University Libraries

Review sources

The library has several ways to find dance reviews.

    • Academic Search Complete (may return reviews from newspapers, magazines, or journals)
      • In the first search box, enter DE "DANCE -- Reviews"
      • If you are looking for something specific or want to narrow down the results list, in the next search box, enter the name of a specific dance, dance company, genre, choreographer, dancer, etc.
      • This is a quick way to find reviews, but it is not comprehensive, as only certain entries contain the descriptor "DANCE -- Reviews." You might also find reviews by entering the name of the choreographer in one search box and the name of the a dancer or dance company in another. This will return both reviews and criticism. A second search term may be unnecessary
      • Academic Search Complete indexes but does not directly supply the full text of New York Times reviews; to access the full text, click on Check Availability.
    • National Newspapers from ProQuest (Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post)
      • Search across all newspapers or individual papers
      • In Advanced Search, enter Dancers & choreographers in the first search box and set the drop-down menu to Subject.
      • At the bottom of the More Search Options section, set Document Type to Review.
      • Narrow further by choreographer, dancer, title of dance, etc., or browse list of reviews.
      • See also ProQuest Historical Newspapers for reviews from earlier time periods.
    • The Times (London) Digital Archive, 1785-2012
      • Use date limits
      • Do a keyword search for DANCE and, if desired, add a more specific keyword in the second and/or third search box; combine terms using AND, OR, or NOT
      • Limit the search by section--check Reviews in the Features section
    • Library Search
      • Enter dance review*
      • Use the options under Narrow My Results on the left of the screen
        • Change the date limits as desired; click Refine to set the new limits
        • Click on Reviews under Source Type
        • If you're interested in reviews from a particular newspaper or magazine, check to see if the title is listed under Journal Title
  • Books
    • Some books of criticism by individual authors may be found in the library catalog by doing a subject heading search on Dance--Reviews in the Browse search for subjects in the Library Search.

Writing about dance

Links below take you to database entries for articles on writing about dance. The full text is available for each. There are many others, some available directly, others through interlibrary loan.

A gift of writing? Choreographer and writer collaborations in the university [click on Check availability to get text]

Inscribing Influence: Creative, Corporeal, and Sentient  Writing as a Component of Dance Performance and Choreography

You might also be interested in the book Writing about Dance--it's available in print (792.8 O48) and online.



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