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FIN 400 Senior Seminar in Finance Research Guide

Where to Search Beyond Google

  • Google Scholar (West Chester University Setup)
    Google Scholar-> Settings (clicking three lines at the upper left corner)-> Library Links-> Search West Chester University-> Check the box -> Save; At the search result page, click find it @ WCU to access the full-text article.

EBSCO Database Search Strategies


How to broaden the results:

1. Add a new database

2. Search other synonyms

3. Change from default to search full text



How to narrow the results:

1. Add another key concept to the search term

2. Use the Filter function in the left column of the screen to limit your results


How to increase relevancy:

1. Search the keyword in the title

2. Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase

3. When searching for analytical or argumentative content, consider combining keywords that distinguish itself as an argumentative piece, for example, positive keywords (including opportunities, benefits, advantages, pros, and positive impacts) and negative keywords (including concerns, risks, disadvantages, challenges, and cons).

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