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SCM 499 Competition Research Guide: Penske

Understand Consumers and Market for Consumer Truck Rental

Who are personal truck renters? Accordingly to the First Research Industry Report, home movers are the major consumer segment for personal truck rental. But who are home movers, what are their demographic, consumer behaviors, and psychographic characteristics, why do people move, how frequently do people move, and where do people move? 

Here are some ideas to find answers to the above questions: 

1. Searching house Mover or home mover demographics online. Use Google Search, and Tools under the search box to limit the results to the past year to find more recent studies, Pay attention to the articles that are from reputable sources or citing credible sources. For example,

2. Searching for moving industry statistics and moving industry trends online. For example,

3. Study U.S. internal/domestic migration patterns, the sources include:

4. Conduct psychographic segmentation for potential customers and identify where they are. The sources include:

5. Use Consumer and Market Research Report. Consumer and market research reports can help you understand consumer behaviors and decisions and analyze consumer lifestyles. Mintel Academic is a top resource in this category. Most of their reports focus on household consumer products, but their reports on major demographics and consumer lifestyles can apply to varied market research. For example,

6.  Use ArcGIS mapping tools to find where your customers are. If you have identified the target customer with the above sources and understand their potential age, income, education level, and housing characteristics, you can use the mapping tools to identify where these people are located. 

7. Use Census Community Profile and Data Tools to understand the local demographic and verify data from other sources. 

8. Use Directory Database with GIS map-enhanced features to research customer locations, create heatmaps, and generate a list of potential contact and business leads.

Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions (Chester County Public Library Database) Contact Grace Liu for a WCU Library Group Card No. or Get A Chester County Library Card for yourself.

Search millions of private and public businesses for information on the competition, business demographics, and target markets. Reference Solutions step-by-step guideswebinars, and training materials are available to help you better understand how to use the search features and produce a strategy at home, on the go, or at the Library.

Choose modules including: 

U.S. New Movers

U.S. Consumer/Lifestyle Database 

Example for: US New Movers Module, Advanced Search: Home Ownership Renters; Location by county Philadephia, PA; zoom in the map to see the following - 12,108 Records of New Movers Heatmap

Heatmap and Top 50 Tally by Zipcode

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