Access to Library Electronic Resources


A permalink is a persistent link to a specific resource or set of search results in a library resource. The permalink is created through our authentication methods and affiliates the user with University Libraries and our agreement with the publisher or vendor. Permalinks are available for articles, ebooks, streaming resources, and searches. The permalink is a reliable URL that allows a person to visit the resource repeatedly from any location. Permalinks are also called stable links, durable links, and persistent or permanent links. See Finding and Creating Permalinks in the next section for more help and information.

Linking in D2L

Linking to library resources in D2L is very easy! The best option is to locate the permalink for the URL and embed that in the appropriate location in D2L. When students click on the link, the resource will open.

Embedding permalinks is preferred to embedding a PDF of the resource because:

  • It is in compliance with our vendor and publisher licenses and agreements.
  • It follows copyright compliance rules and regulations.
  • The link gathers usage which the library uses to recommend renewals and cancellations. It also helps us identify heavily used resources.

Tutorial on Linking

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