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Presser Music Library

Guide to music and information in the Presser Music Library

Thematic Catalogs

What: Ordered lists of a composer's complete works, including musical incipits (opening notes), opus or work numbers, medium of performance, date and place of composition and more.
Where: Ref 781.9735 


Performer's Facsimiles

What: Exact copies of early printed editions, intended for musicians who want to play and study faithful reproductions of music as it was first published. 
Where: 780.3


Critical/Historical Editions

What: Scholarly editions of music based on examination of a composer's manuscripts and other primary sources, intended to convey the composer's original intentions as closely as possible.
Where: 780.81 (by composer); 780.82 (by genre, historical period, location, etc.)


Performance Editions

What: Intended for practice and performance, often include editorial markings such as fingerings, suggestions for phrasing, etc. 
Where: 786.4 (one composer); 786.45/46 (collections with multiple composers)



What: Scholarly articles on baroque music and keyboard literature.
Where: Online. Check the Library's list of music journals, or check out Browzine to set up your own virtual journal shelf.


What: Baroque keyboard performance practice, history, analysis, etc.
Where: Online and in the Music Library. Search our catalog to find E-books or hard copies; or use these descriptive links to browse virtually:

Music -- 18th century -- History and criticism
Music -- 17th century -- History and criticism

Keyboard instrument music -- History and criticism
Performance practice (music)
Harpsichord music -- History and criticism
Organ music -- History and criticism
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750. Keyboard music