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Services for Distance Students

The University Libraries offer distance services to students who take all of their classes:

  • online
  • at WCU Center City
  • at the Graduate Center
  • at the Exton Center

Get Materials Sent to You

Lots of our resources (86% in fact) are available online. However, if you find something we don't have online, we are happy to:

  • mail books and DVDs to you.
  • scan articles available only in print and book chapters.
  • ask other libraries to get a copy for you (free to you). 

We'll talk about getting books sent to you in class today, but there's more information available in the Distance Students Guide


Guides to APA online

Logging in From Off Campus

You can use almost all our databases and other electronic resources from off campus. When you click on a link to these resources from off campus, you will see one of the following pages:

Our New Login page

KLN log in screen

Our Old Login Page

Select West Chester University on either page, and you'll see this screen:

WCU log in page with username and password fields

Enter your WCU email address and password and select Login. The full text article or other resource then loads.

Problems Logging In?

This usually happens when you don’t start your search from the library’s website.  You can either:

  • Search for the title of the article/book/other resource using the search box on the library's home page -or-

  • Set up Google Scholar to work with WCU.

Still Can’t Log In?

Please contact us!

West Chester University   ---    WCU Libraries  25 West Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383  610-430-4400