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SCM 499 Competition Research Guide: Enterprise & Clark Associates

Research a Topic

Researching a business topic to better answer the questions presented in the case study, for example, the pricing strategy for online retail stores, we can use scholarly article sources including Business Sources Complete and Google Scholar (Setup WCU Library Link). 

Search keywords such as "Less than Truckload and Carrier Selection".

You may be able to find the articles such as:

Williams, Z., Garver, M. S., & Taylor, G. S. (2013). Carrier selection: understanding the needs of less-than-truckload shippersTransportation Journal52(2), 151-182.


Chu, C. W. (2005). A heuristic algorithm for the truckload and less-than-truckload problemEuropean Journal of Operational Research165(3), 657-667.

Qiao, B., Pan, S., & Ballot, E. (2020). Revenue optimization for less-than-truckload carriers in the Physical Internet: dynamic pricing and request selection. Computers & Industrial Engineering139, 105563.

  • Google Scholar (West Chester University Setup)
    Google Scholar-> Settings (clicking three lines at the upper left corner)-> Library Links-> Search West Chester University-> Check the box -> Save; At the search result page, click find it @ WCU to access full-text article.
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