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SCM 499 Competition Research Guide: Enterprise & Clark Associates

Company Analysis

"Enterprise Holdings and its affiliates are privately-owned" - From Enterprise's website.

For a private company, research can be done by searching newspaper articles, magazine articles, scholarly articles, or online. 

1. Study the company's website to understand its products, services, locations (branches), supply chain, culture, and social impact (corporate social responsibility).

2. Search the Business Source Complete database and find magazine articles (such as from Forbes, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review) or Scholarly articles about the company. (Search Enterprise Holdings or Enterprise Rent A Car).

3. Search U.S. Major Dailies (incl. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) to find newspaper articles discussing the company.

4. Try Auto News about Enterprise or Google Search to track the news of the company.

Industry Analysis

1. Use the First Research Industry report to Understand the Industry, which includes Automobile Rental & Leasing Industry Profile (NAICS Code: 5321); Truck Rental & Leasing Industry Profile (NAICS Code: 532120)

2. Identify the company's competitors and study their competitive strategies. 

For example, Hertz is one of the biggest competitors of Enterprise and it is a public company. So, we can study their annual report to understand the industry.

Visit Hertz Investor Relations and find the 10K form.

3. Follow the Industry news or explore the trade associations' websites to understand the industry news, trends, challenges, etc.

To find First Research Industry Profile, conduct Keyword searches at the public website of First Research Industry Profile, and retrieve the NAICS industry code of the report. Navigate Mergent Archive->D&B Manuals--> First Research, and copy/paste the NAICS code from the website. Scroll to the right and see the PDF document for downloading. The Industry Report follows the following structure:

  • Industry Overview
    • Competitive Landscape (competitive advantages)
    • Products, Operations & Technology
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Finance & Regulation
    • International Insights
  • Quarterly Industry Update
  • Industry Indicators
  • Industry Forecast
  • Industry Drivers
  • Critical Issues
  • Business Challenges
  • Business Trends
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Executive Insight
  • Call Prep Questions
  • Financial Information
    • Company Benchmark Trends (Quick ratio, working capital turnover etc.)
    • Company Benchmark Information (income statement, balance sheet, financial ratios)
  • Industry Website

Customer Analysis

1. Use Mintel Academic to find consumer/market reports to understand the car rental market and car rental customers. Search "car rental" in Mintel.

2. Conduct Online searches for car rental consumer surveys and pay attention to the reports from reputable sources and published recently. Examples include:

J.D. Power 2022 North America Rental Car Satisfaction Survey (the press release is available with some highlights)
Car Rental: The American - The American Customer Satisfaction Index

Car Rental Companies: Evolving with Consumer Needs

Research a Topic

Researching a business topic to better answer the questions presented in the case study, for example, the impact of business sizes on its success or business competitive strategy, we can use scholarly article sources including Business Sources Complete and Google Scholar (Setup WCU Library Link). 

You may be able to find the articles such as:

Pervan, M., & Višić, J. (2012). Influence of firm size on its business success. Croatian Operational Research Review3(1), 213-223.

Raguseo, E., Vitari, C., & Pigni, F. (2020). Profiting from big data analytics: The moderating roles of industry concentration and firm size. International Journal of Production Economics229, 107758.

  • Google Scholar (West Chester University Setup)
    Google Scholar-> Settings (clicking three lines at the upper left corner)-> Library Links-> Search West Chester University-> Check the box -> Save; At the search result page, click find it @ WCU to access full-text article.
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