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Philosophy and Religion

Core databases

Core philosophy database

Core religious studies database

Additional databases

Databases from related disciplines

We have databases that play the same role as Philsopher's Index and the ATLA Religion Database for almost every field of study.  A few examples given below, but you can find more through our database listings (use the subject pull-down menu).

JSTOR and Project Muse

JSTOR and Project Muse are both journal repositories. 

Strengths: Everything in there is full text.  Interdisciplinary.

Weakness: They don't have the breadth of Philosopher's Index or the ATLA Religion Databases.

Library Search tool

Library Search (aka the search box on the library homepage) cross searches many of our databases.  It is great for:

  • doing very broad, interdisciplinary searches
  • finding books/ebooks
  • looking up a specific source
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