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HIS 535 Nationailsm and Democracy, 1815-1914

A research guide for HIS 535: Nationalism and Democracy, 1815-1914


Looking for primary source materials for a topic addressing a non-English speaking country and you can't read the language?  Books will be your best bet, because they are the most likely place to find translated sources.

Here are some examples of primary sources frequently found in book format.

  1. Individual or collected diaries/memoirs (The German Worker book you have read selections from is an example!)

  2. Letters and/or papers of individuals

  3. Collected documents on the same topic and/or from a time period. (Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution is an example)

    • Tip:  I have found that many of these books will often include one of the following words in their title:  sources, documents, or documentary.  Try adding one or more of those to your search to keep the focus on finding collections of primary sources.

  4. Images of physical artifacts (think things like collections of inscriptions, art, or other archeological artifacts)

Tips:  For pre-1923 books, search HathiTrust and/or Google Books.  It may have been digitized and available for download.

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