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HIS 500

A research guide for History grad students.

Book interlibrary through a database

Sometimes you will find a citation for a book in a database.  If that happens, it is  really easy to request.  It works just like requesting and article.

Step 1

First look for the "Full Text Finder" link.  If you don't see one, you should see a link that says "Request through Interlibrary Loan"  under the entry for the book.

Step 2

That link will take you into ILLiad, one of our interlibrary loan services.  Often, you will be logged in automatically. 

It will try to populate the fields directly from the database, but it is good to double check them.

Step 3:

If you can't pick up books from the library, look for the box to ask it to be mailed to you.

Then submit request.

Direct book request through EZBorrow

While our databases link to ILLiad for book requests, EZBorrow is usually our faster system for requesting books. 

Step 1

A title search is usually the best for finding a specific book.  Putting in the full title will help you avoid confusion with other books with similar titles.  Using the pull-down menu to specify Title also helps.

Step 2

Look through the results for a match.  Keep an eye out for different editions.

Step 3

Log in to the system.

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