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A note about Melba Liston:

Liston was a prolific arranger of music for big bands and jazz ensembles, and she wrote, co-wrote, and arranged music for Dizzy Gillespie, Randy Weston, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and other prominent jazz musicians from the 1940s to the 1990s. Unfortunately, her labor was often left uncredited (at least formally), so it is difficult to compile a complete and accurate works list of her arrangements.

The lists in the tables below focus on the musical pieces for which she is credited as composer.

Song Title Artist Album Year Duration Listen/Watch
All Deliberate Speed Elvin Jones And Then Again 1965 7:30 YouTube link
Annie's Dance Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy in Greece 1957 4:00 YouTube link
Billy Linda Presgrave The Journey 2005 4:45 YouTube link
Blues Melba Melba Liston and Her 'Bones Melba Liston and Her 'Bones 1959 6:30 YouTube link
Elvin Elpus Elvin Jones And Then Again 1965 6:00 YouTube link
Green Street Bennie Green Mosaic Select: Bennie Green 2000 5:10 YouTube link
Insomnia Melba Liston and Her 'Bones Melba Liston and Her 'Bones 1959 3:30 YouTube link
Just Waiting Al Grey Snap Your Fingers 1962 3:00 YouTube link
Late Date John Coltrane The Bethlehem Years 1987 3:45 YouTube link
Len Sirrah Elvin Jones And Then Again 1965 6:30 YouTube link
Love Me a Long, Long Time Gerald Wilson Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra: 1945-1946 1998 3:00 Spotify link
Marchin' the Blues Quincy Jones The Birth of a Band, Vol. 2 1959 2:45 YouTube link
Melba's Blues Count Basie Jazz Casual: Sing and Swing 2000 4:15 YouTube link
Melba's Mood Bennie Green Back on the Scene 1958 5:30 YouTube link
Melba's Tune Ernie Henry Last Chorus 1957 2:30 YouTube link
Now Ain't It Dave Burns Warming Up! 1964 4:00 YouTube link
Rainbow Abbey Lincoln Devil's Got Your Tongue 1993 4:45 YouTube link
Tone Poem Quincy Jones I Dig Dancers 1960 3:30 YouTube link
Warm Mood Gerald Wilson Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra: 1945-1946 1998 3:00 YouTube link
We Never Kissed Jimmy Cleveland Rhythm Crazy 1959 4:00 YouTube link
You Don't Say Melba Liston and Her 'Bones Melba Liston and Her 'Bones 1959 4:00 YouTube link
Zagreb This [sometimes listed as "Zagred This"] Melba Liston and Her 'Bones Melba Liston and Her 'Bones 1959 4:30 YouTube link


Song Title Date Duration Library Info Listen/Watch
Billy 1990 4:45 WorldCat YouTube link
Economy Package 1990 ? WorldCat  
Insomnia 1990 3:30 WorldCat YouTube link
Just Waiting 1993 3:00 WorldCat YouTube link
Kenny 1990 ? WorldCat  
Marchin' the Blues 1990 2:45 WorldCat YouTube link
Zagreb This 1990 4:30 WorldCat YouTube link
If You Could See Me Now [arranged] 1946 ? WorldCat  



Columbia College Chicago's Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) maintains a Melba Liston collection, which includes the manuscripts of scores and lead sheets of Liston's compositions and arrangements.  For more information, contact their College Archives & Special Collections.

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