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Title  Date Duration Publisher and Library Info Listen/Watch
American Labor Songs 2018 20:00 Murphy Music Press Murphy Music Press
Fanfare Politeia 2020 3:00 Worldcat U.S. Marine Band 2020 Inauguration
Common Threads  2016 8:00 Worldcat Naxos
Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble 2010 29:00 Alan Publications Southern Illinois University
Concerto for Tuba and Wind Ensemble 2011 24:00 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Eternal Fanfare 2003 1:05 Worldcat Alan Publications
Fanfare Aureus 2011 3:00 Worldcat Alan Publications
Humoresque 2003 3:30 Alan Publications Alan Publications
for those taken too soon....(Symphony no.1) 2002 20:00 Alan Publications Southern Illinois University
Irish Blessing 2015 2:30 Contact Composer  
Moorscape 2012 7:30 Murphy Music Press Murphy Music Press
Scotia: Trilogy for Band 2011 28:00 Contact Composer  
Symphony no.2 2003 21:00 Worldcat Southern Illinois University
Symphony no.3 2007 30:00 Worldcat Illinois State University
Westward Sentinel 2006 15:00 Worldcat U.S. Air Force Band
Awakenings 2002 5:00 Worldcat National Association for Music Education
Ballad for Aisha 2004 4:30 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Beacon 2013 5:00 Murphy Music Press Murphy Music Press
The Devil's Workshop 2009 2:00 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Give the Ballot to the Mothers 2019 5:00 Contact Composer Composer Site
Goonwad 2019 3:00 Contact Composer  
Grind 2019 3:15 Contact Composer  
The Hour of the Wolves 2003 4:00 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Hymn to the Dawn 2003 3:00 Alan Publications Alan Publications
In the Gathering Dark 2003 3:20 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Kings of the Old 2003 5:10 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Panopticon 2000 3:20 Worldcat Alan Publications
Supervillian 2020 2:30 Contact Composer  
Tides 2015 6:15 Contact Composer Composer Site


Title Date Duration Publisher and Library Info Listen/Watch
Songs of the American Labor Movement 2018 10:00 Contact Composer  
1. Which Side Are You On?       Composer Site
2. Banks of Marble       Composer Site
3. Casey Jones       Composer Site
4. Solidarity Forever       Composer Site
5. Union Maid       Composer Site
Five Baudelaire Settings   14:00 Contact Composer  
1. Epigraph for a Banned Book       Composer Site
2. I Give This Verse to You       Composer Site
3. The Enemy       Composer Site
4. Destruction       Composer Site
5. Elevation       Composer Site
For I Believe    4:00 Worldcat Alan Publications
Irish Blessing   2:30 Contact Composer  


Title Date Duration Publication and Library info Listen/Watch
Bolero (Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble)   3:45 Alan Publications Alan Publications
Cautionary Tale (Trumpet, Tuba, and Percussion) 2002 8:30 Contact Composer  
Chatterboxes (Flute Ensemble) 2015 12:00 Contact Composer  
Fracture (Percussion Ensemble, Advanced) 2011 7:00 Worldcat Alan Publications
Outbreak (Brass Ensemble) 2015 2:00 Contact Composer Composer Site
The Piney Woods of St. Tammany Parish (Flute Ensemble) 2013 11:00 Contact Composer  
String Quartet no.1 1999 8:30 Worldcat  
Title Date Duration Publication and Library info Listen/Watch
Fiddlydee 2005 7:00 Worldcat Alan Publications
Multiple Personalities 2003 7:30 Worldcat Alan Publications
Sonata for Euphonium and Piano 2015 15:00 Contact Composer  
Trombone Sonata 2002 16:00 Worldcat Alan Publications


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