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MKT 425 Tourism Industry Annotated Bibliography Research Guide: Library Databases and Search Tips

Keywords Ideas

Keywords related to Tourism:

  • Tour, tours, tourist, tourists, tourism
  • Travel
  • Destination
  • Vocation Trips
  • Cruise

Keywords related to industry or marketing:

  • Industry
  • Marketing
  • Markets
  • Business

Keywords related to COVID

  • COVID-19
  • Coronavirus
  • Pandemic

Combine search terms in one search query and what it means in EBSCO search:

  • Tourism Industry (search results contain both keywords and their thesaurus terms that appear in subject terms, keywords, or abstract of the article)
  • Tourism AND industry (similar to search tourism industry, but both keywords can also appear in other search fields such as author affiliations)
  • Tour* AND Industry (Truncation searches using an asterisk (*) allow the EBSCO search engine to find words with “tour” root in one query including tours, tourism, tourist, tourists, but it will not consult the thesaurus terms)
  • “Tourism industry” (use quotation marks to search “tourism industry” as a phrase)

Find too many results, narrow your research results by:

  1. Limiting the year of publication
  2. Adding more search terms
  3. Using quotation marks to search phrase

Find too few results, broaden your research results by:

  1. Try different keywords, their synonyms and related terms
  2. Changing the search field to “TX All Text
  3. Changing “searching Business Source Complete” (appear above the search box) to choose database-> Select Academic Search Ultimate or select all.

Databases and Search Tips

Create Citation and Download PDF

Search Business Source Complete and Academic Search Ultimate Together

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