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Library Search is a tool that will bring back many types of resources on just about any topic.  That makes it a great starting point for most research topics.

Search Tips and using Filters:

  • Put phrases into quotation marks, like "Japanese painting" or "religious iconography"
  • Try synonyms to bring back different results.  "religious iconography" after 1900 will bring back different sources than "religious iconography" 20th century.
  • Use the "Date" filter to limit your results to specific years.
  • Use the "Limit by Source Type" filter to limit your results to books, non-print resources, etc.
  • Check "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" box in the "Limit to" filter to make sure you are getting scholarly journal articles.
  • Check the "Full Text" box in the "Limit to" filter to exclude articles that you cannot access full text immediately

See the tutorials below to learn more about using Library Search and how to access Full Text articles


Art Databases for articles


These databases for Art and Design scholarly journal articles are included in Library Search, but searching them directly allows you to do more sophisticated searching.


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