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Libraries and databases use specialized language to describe their resources. If you are not finding what you need, try changing your search terms with synonyms or different combinations.

Try the following search strategies:

  • Artist/Creator

  • Movement/Style/Period

  • Location/Region

  • Technique/Medium

Try these search terms:

South Asian art

Indian Miniature Painting

Jaina Sculpture

Buddhist sculpture

Chinese landscape painting

Chinese Jewelry

Korean pottery

Japanese painting

Japanese Wood-Block Prints

Islamic manuscripts

Medieval Islamic art

Islamic decorative arts

Ancient American Art

Pre-Columbian jewelry

Mesoamerican art objects

Viceregal Latin American painting

Colonial Latin American decorative art

Native American textiles

Indigenous Peoples art

Sub-Saharan sculpture

North African manuscripts

African masks

African ritual objects

Oceanic decorative arts

Pacific art objects

Melanesian costume

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