SCM Competition Research Guide


In this research guide, we have included library databases and online resources that can help you prepare the Supply Chain Management competition for the IKEA Case. As a brief summary, you can:

  • Understand IKEA and Its Competitors by exploring the company's resources such as Annual Reports, SET Filings, Conference Calls, and Business News. Newspapers and Magazines such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune in library databases will help you with this research. 
  • Understand the Home Furnishing Industry by exploring industry reports and trade associations' industry resources. First Research Industry Reports from the library and the Online Trade Association Resource links will help you with research.
  • Understand Consumer Behaviors and Perceptions towards omnichannel and online shopping by exploring consumer research resources. Library databases Mintel Academic and RKMA Market Research Handbook will help you with this research.
  • Understand Omni-channel and Pricing Strategies by exploring scholarly and professional literature and finding some empirical research and evidence to support your recommendations. Business Source Complete (including Harvard Business Review) and Google Scholar will help you with this research.
  • Concept Mapping is a great analytical tool to help you keep organized throughout this research process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Grace Liu, Business Librarian at FHG Library.

Grace Liu
Assistant Professor, Business Librarian


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