NICE (Neurodiverse Inclusive Campus Events)

Guide to NICE concerts and more, here at WCU and beyond!


We have some very special guests coming to the Concert on the Quad…Rammy and WCU’s therapy dogs! Rammy is West Chester University’s mascot and he will be ready and dressed in spirited attire to meet and take pictures with the concertgoers. To learn more about Rammy, go to his Instagram page at “@wcurammy”. Follow our therapy dogs around at “@wcudogtherapy” on Instagram to meet our pups before the big day. Festivities will begin at 4:30pm, an hour before the concert begins.

The NICE Committee

Dedicated to creating a sustainable effort on campus, the NICE committee focuses on the creation and maintenance of neuroinclusive events on campus. Made up of self-advocates and community stakeholders who are passionate and dedicated to its mission for WCU’s campus, the committee meets approximately once a month during the school year, with more meetings in the Spring semester leading up to the Concert on the Quad. The committee focuses on…

  • Offering thoughts and concerns about inclusivity

  • Assisting with and advising logistics and designating tasks for the concert

  • Participating and providing feedback on smaller inclusive opportunities to continue engaging the community throughout the year (e.g. group drum circles, coffee house performances, etc.)

To get in touch with a committee member, visit the Contact page.


If you are unfamiliar with symphony orchestra concerts, there will be an Instrument Petting Zoo before the Concert on the Quad at 4:30pm! Come to the Academic Quad early to meet the instruments you’ll be listening to. To prepare for the concert, you can review pictures of the orchestra’s instruments below.

Program Notes

  • Dance for Orchestra by Andy Lenko was inspired by the sounds and styles of the tango. As is common for the style, harmonic progressions tend to be repetitive and on the simpler side of things. In order to create interest, the melodies weave and wind, interacting with syncopated countermelodies that are often rather chromatic. The piece begins with large orchestral hits, followed by a cadenza like solo on the clarinet. In addition to setting the mood, the opening hits serve as guideposts throughout, recuring in various ways. They are also sonic imitations of the sharp and dramatic flares, poses, and head snaps that are synonymous with the dance.
    This piece is a world premiere, so no available recordings exist at this time.
  • Khachaturian’s Masquerade Suite is derived from his composition of incidental music to accompany a play of the same title. The play premiered in 1941 in Moscow and was the Vakhtangov Theatre’s last production before the USSR was invaded by Germany. We’ll be performing the Waltz, Mazurka, and Galop from this suite.
  • An American in Paris was composed by Gershwin during and after a series of trips to Paris to study with musicians such as Ravel and Boulanger. Due to its extensive and nontraditional instrumentation, the piece has faced countless edits and has been changed, restored, and changed again and again in order to make it more performable.
  • After the Greek god Bacchus, the Bacchanale is a dance based in revelry and abandon. It is one of the most well-known moments of Saint Saëns’ opera “Samson et Dalila”, a musical staging accurate to the story from the Bible.


During the concert, accommodations will be available for your individual needs, including squishy toys, helpful volunteers, a clear schedule, accessible walking paths, coloring pages, program notes and access to a sensory-supportive room in the Francis Harvey Green Library, located right next to the Academic Quad.

The Library’s Self-Care Space is located on the sixth floor and is equipped with stimulating and calming items, including noise-reducing sound panels, light and noise machines, yoga mats, weighted blankets, noise-cancelling headphones and comfortable seating. At any time, concertgoers can request a volunteer to take them to the Self-Care Space for as long as they need during the concert hours.

For assistance with the Self Care room in the FHG Library, Librarian Gary Childs will be at the Research Help Desk on the second floor from 4:30-5pm. Otherwise, volunteers at the event are available to help at any time.

Scavenger Hunt

At the Concert on the Quad, you are encouraged to engage in a NICE Scavenger Hunt around campus! Everyone who completes the hunt will receive a prize after showing your completed survey confirmation to any NICE volunteer at the event. Visit our NICE Scavenger Hunt page to get started. 

Campus Map

For an interactive map, visit

For a stationary image with important locations marked, view the image below. The Academic Quad and FHG Library will be marked for your convenience


On the 2nd floor of the FHG Library, two bathrooms with changing tables are available for all concertgoers. The bathrooms are located in the back right corner of the second floor. View a floor map, and for any questions at the event ask a volunteer or visit the Help Desk inside the library, just beyond the main doors.  


Parking can be located on streets near campus, in any of the surrounding WCU parking lots or at the Sharpless Street garage. Use the interactive map and click on the “Parking” hyperlink on the right-hand side of the screen to view WCU’s nearby parking lots.

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