NICE (Neurodiverse Inclusive Campus Events)

Guide to NICE concerts and more, here at WCU and beyond!

Dr. Angela Guerriero

Dr. Angela Guerriero is a board-certified music therapist and Associate Professor of Music Education at West Chester University. She leads as WCU’s Music Therapy Program Director while also directing Tempo! Music Therapy Services in PA and NJ. As a music therapist, Dr. Guerriero works with individuals on the spectrum and individuals with intellectual delays. Her primary research interests are school inclusion and collaboration, trauma-informed practice, and the ethics of self-care.  For more information, email Dr. Guerriero at


Grace Montgomery

Grace Montgomery is a third-year Honors Music Therapy student at West Chester University with a focus in voice. Grace is passionate about creating inclusive music experiences for individuals with disabilities and looks forward to incorporating her knowledge of neurodiverse accomodations in her future clinical work. For more information, email Grace at


Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch is a third-year music education student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  He began working in the field of inclusivity to help him become a more effective educator for all students.  For more information, email Brian at


Welcome to West Chester University’s NICE page! NICE concerts are performances that aim to be more accessible while not sacrificing content for their viewers. This website outlines what a NICE concert (and other sensory-friendly events) can look like with published sources and personal findings from WCU’s inclusive 2022 Concert on the Quad. For more information about upcoming sensory-friendly concerts, check the Events section.


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