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Research into the Working Poor


Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The thresholds calculated each year by the Census Bureau to determine the number of people in poverty for the previous year. When using FPL in terms of programs or policy, we are referring to the federal poverty guidelines, developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, used by federal and state programs to determine eligibility and calculate benefits. 

Income Inadequacy. The term income inadequacy refers to an income that is too low to meet basic needs as measured by the Self-Sufficiency Standard. Other terms used interchangeably in this report that refer to inadequate income include: “below the Standard,” “lacking sufficient (or adequate) income,” and “income that is not sufficient (or adequate) to meet basic needs”.

Self-Sufficiency Standard (SSS). The SSS measures how much income is needed for a family of a certain composition in a given county to adequately meet their basic needs—without public or private assistance.


Geographic Distribution of Income Adequecy

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