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What's An Empirical Article?

  • Original research articles based on experience and observation (i.e. surveys, scientific experiments, research studies).
  • Published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.
  • Parts of an empirical article include: Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References.
  • Features quantitative or qualitative data.
  • Usually long articles with a lengthy bibliography. 

Writing Literature Reviews

Start Searching

Widen Your Search/Find an Article From a Citation 

The Library Search box and Google Scholar both search a wide array of resources, from many different disciplines. They are also useful to locate the full text of specific citations from an article you already have - put in the article's title, and hit search!

Set up to access WCU resources on Google Scholar by: 

  1. Click on the menu () in the upper left on the Google Scholar homepage.

  2. Choose Settings ()from the menu that appears.

  3. Clicking on Library Links from the left menu. 

  4. Searching for West Chester University, then clicking on the box next to the result that says West Chester University Libraries-- Find-It @WCU, and hit save. 

After you have done this, look for links that say either Find-It @ WCU or Check Availability @ WCU, to see if full text is available through WCU.

Have a Strategy to Keep Track of Your Sources

Pick a strategy you are comfortable with! 

Try using your folder in our databases (Library Search or EBSCO - it's the same across all of these).
Or try one of these Citation Managers:

West Chester University   ---    WCU Libraries  25 West Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383  610-430-4400