SOC 322: Methods of Sociological Research

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Getting Started

Want to be strategic with your research? Follow these steps for beginning your search:

  • After you have chosen your research question or thesis. Gather background information and general knowledge:

  • Make a list of keywords and topics from the background information

    • Visit thesaurus sites like wordhippo or to brainstorm related terms
    • Organize your keywords by writing them out or storing them, see this handout DEVELOPING YOUR SEARCH STRATEGY.docx
    • Connect these keywords using the words AND (to narrow); OR (to broaden); NOT (to exclude)
      • For example (("gig economy" OR "gig work" OR "precarious work") AND (stability OR "economic wellbeing" OR "quality of life") AND (health) NOT (accidents))
    • Find relevant articles, take note of their subject terms and transfer them to your own searches
  • Enter search into West Chester University Library Advanced Search

    • Sign in to save your search 
    • To save citations, copy permalink or email pinned list to yourself
    • Start broad, (especially if you're looking for sociology content), narrow your search as you become more familiar with the terms that are used within the discipline
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