PTW Workshop for Tenure and Promotion

Who is PTW?

The PTW committee is a university-wide committee, with elected member from all colleges plus three appointed members (former TeP member, APSCUF rep, Academic Affairs rep). Our role is to:

  • Support faculty through the tenure and promotion process by holding training workshops.
  • Make suggestions to APSCUF & management about the tenure and promotion process.
  • Review DTSMs and make recommendations.

We run several workshops each year:

  • 2nd & 3rd year panel discussion (held annually, usually late fall semester)
  • Portfolio Workshops, with separate workshops for Tenure & Promotion and for Promotion only (held annually, after the last week of classes in spring)
  • OnBase training, for both reviewers and applicants (usually held in early fall semester)

This videos represent the content presented in our Portfolio workshops. While this content is usually provided in one session, it's been broken into sections here for easier viewing.

Separating Promotion and Tenure

Who's Involved in Promotion and Tenure Decisions + Timeline

Critical Documents for Promotion & Tenure

Writing Your Narratives

Interpreting SRIS to Support Your Teaching

Online Submission (OnBase)


Any questions? Please contact a member of the PTW committee:

Member College Department
Danielle Skaggs (Chair) Non-classroom faculty University Libraries
Harry D Holt College of Health Sciences Health
Jackie Hodes College of Education and Social Work Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Jen Bacon Academic Affairs representative Dean of College of Arts & Humanities
Vicki Tischio Former TeP member English
Erin Hill College of the Sciences and Mathematics Psychology
Liz Wang College of Business and Public Management Marketing
Joseph Moser College of Arts and Humanities Languages & Cultures
West Chester University   ---    WCU Libraries  25 West Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383  610-430-4400