Descriptions of the many different ebook collections the library subscribes to as well as how to use them and get the most out of them.

What Devices Can I Use to Read an Ebook?

Ebooks can be read online or downloaded to the following devices using Adobe Digital Editions:

  • Desktop (PC or Mac)
  • Laptop
  • iOS or Android devices


To read an ebook on your device, you must have Adobe Digital Editions.

Reading Online vs. Downloading an Ebook

Both EBSCOhost and Ebook Central ebooks will give you two options for accessing and reading ebooks:

  1. Read Online
    Reading an ebook online is the easiest option as you will not have to create an account. You can browse, read, and print or save a select number of pages.
  2. Download
    Downloading an ebook is the same thing as checking out a print copy of a book. You will first need to create a personal account in EBSCOhost or Ebook Central. Then you can download titles and read them on your device for 3 weeks.


Can I Print eBooks?

Yes and no. Like all published material, there are copyright rules to protect the ebook. Publishers determine how much of a title you can print. It is usually about a chapter's worth of pages. Occasionally you will find a title that you can't print from at all.

Ebook Central Print Pages Example:

EBSCOhost Ebook Print Pages Example:

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