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Digital Commons @ West Chester University: Introducing Digital Commons @ WCU

A guide for using Digital Commons @ West Chester University from the West Chester University Libraries.

What is Digital Commons @ West Chester University?

Digital Commons @ West Chester University

is an online showcase of research and creative works produced by West Chester University faculty and students.

The content is easily discoverable on the Internet by all the major search engines, so all posted works have a high online profile.

So, the content on Digital Commons @ West Chester University has HIGH VISIBILITY and HIGH IMPACT.

When fully implemented, people browsing on the Internet will be able to go to one web site to find out what scholarship and creativity happens at West Chester University. Each item has a PERSISTENT URL.

The administrator for Digital Commons @ West Chester University is Walt Cressler. His contact information is in the box on the right side of this screen.

Highlights of Digital Commons @ West Chester University

WCU Library personnel will check the copyright restrictions on posting previously published work to Digital Commons @ West Chester University.

Often, if publishers don't allow the PDF file of the published article to be posted to an open access repository such as Digital Commons @ West Chester University, they will allow a PDF file of the galley proof ("post-print") to be posted. SO, SAVE YOUR GALLEY PROOFS!

Digital Commons @ West Chester University can accommodate almost any kind of electronic file, so it is also an excellent site for displaying video and audio works, as well as image galleries.

It is also the perfect showcase for student works, as well as for faculty scholarship that may not have other viable publishing outlets.

Digital Commons @ West Chester University is an excellent platform for e-journal publishing, conference proceedings, and data management.

It provides tools for direct networking with like-minded colleagues from other institutions, such as through "Digital Commons" and a "Follow" function.

Scholars whose work is posted to Digital Commons @ West Chester University are provided detailed usage information, such as number of views of their work.

West Chester University faculty can have personal scholarship profiles created for them at the SelectedWorks Gallery.

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